Our Principal

Teri Waterhouse
Winship Middle School Principal

(707) 441-2487

To Winship Families and Staff,

I am honored to join the staff, families and community in Eureka City Schools as the new Principal at Winship Middle School. I have been a school administrator for five years in McKinelyville Union School District as the Principal at Morris Elementary School. Prior to going into school administration, I taught for over ten years, most of that time at McKinleyville Middle School. I am excited to return to a middle school environment, an exciting time in our students lives!

Winship Middle School teaching staff has been hard at work preparing for the upcoming school year. We are committed to providing a high quality educational program that supports the unique needs of middle school aged children. Our academic departments have spent hours working together to discuss current instructional methods, create lessons that support student engagement, and develop system that support students both in and out of the classroom.

As a staff, we spent a full day together discussing systems and common practices that will support students and foster a safe school climate. As a former teacher, I know the importance of building and maintaining relationships with students and families. To support students as they transition into middle school, we have created a schedule that allows for an advisory period as well as two separate lunch periods. A "split lunch" will allow for more supervision on the playground and in the cafeteria. The advisory period is an additional twenty minutes added to a student's 4th or 5th period class. During this additional time, teachers will be able to teach lessons that support our school climate, encourage goal setting, and provide students time to explore important topics unique to adolescence. This will support our Winship mission to provide students an opportunity to explore, discover and succeed!

I looking forward to working with the Winship community!

Teri Waterhouse